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Exclusive Mentorship

Exclusive Mentorship

Receive intensive mentoring and guidance from Ruangguru Engineering Leaders.

Relevant Curriculum

Relevant Curriculum

Enhance your knowledge through specifically tailored learning materials.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Get the opportunity to join our Paid Internship Program at Ruangguru for selected participants.



Certificate of appreciation specially made for our participants.



Connect with top-tier engineers and gain a powerful network to enhance your professional growth.

Project portfolio

Project portfolio

Build your own project portfolio during the program showcasing your acquired skills.

Class Schedules

Learning Period

25th March 2024 - Mid July 2024

Online Sessions

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

19.30 - 21.30 WIB


Our Curriculum

Accelerated bootcamp with curated curriculum and thorough understanding to master AI in 12 weeks

AI Engineers

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27th Dec 2024 - 22nd March 2024

Registration & Take Placement Test


25th March 2024

Start of Intensive 12 Weeks Bootcamp


5th July 2024

Final Project & Assessment


Mid July 2024


*Internship offering will be extended to selected participants after careful judgement and evaluations from the mentors


  • Anyone from all educational backgrounds with interests in Computer Science and AI are welcome to join
  • Demonstrated high interest in the development of AI Technology
  • Willingness to commit in our 12 weeks bootcamp program to maximize knowledge acquisition and skill development


Kevin Matthew (21)
Fresh Graduate - Asia Pasific University
I initially learned about AI, but I still didn't fully understand how AI works and its impact on everyday life. Through this bootcamp, I finally understand how AI works and learn the application of various types of AI, such as Language Models and Computer Vision.
Bryan Delton (19)
University Student - The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen
The Bootcamp Mastering AI from Skill Academy Pro has been very helpful for me, as I already have mathematical knowledge related to Deep Learning and am applying it through AI Applications
Kris Mulyandani (35)
Private Sector Employee - Nodeflux Teknologi Indonesia
Amidst the daily boredom of coding work, learning AI has become an enjoyable escape. I've come to understand many AI/ML concepts that were previously unclear to me, especially in the mathematical aspects, after attending this bootcamp
Hadad Karsa (22)
University Student- Muria Kudus University
This Bootcamp has been a valuable new experience for me, especially as a beginner in the world of Machine Learning/AI. I have gained a lot of new knowledge
Amalia Azizah (24)
Private Sector Employee- Adira Dinamika Multi Finance
For recent graduates, taking this class can truly broaden your horizons. In addition to the valuable content for the job market, the class is also fun and interactive

Our Students' Portfolio

Identify Brain Tumor
by M. Zia Pratama Hernawan, This project is about training AI in detecting Brain Tumor using image analysis and computer vision
Identify Grainstone
by Raden Mohammad Aviandito, AI Computer Vision project developed for identifying and characterizing grainstone rock formations through image recognition and analysis
Identify Arabic Letter
by Alfin Syafalni, A Computer Vision-based AI project focused on recognizing Arabic letters and characters through image processing and pattern recognition techniques

Learning Video

Mastering AI: From Foundations to Applications

Mastering AI: From Foundations to Applications

Get a taste of our AI course with this introductory video, highlighting the components of our comprehensive curriculum. Understand how you'll transition from learning basic concepts to applying AI in practical scenarios.


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